March 28, 2018

Promoting Right to Information and Open Government Data in Federal Nepal

To promote good governance and open data within the new federal structure, the D4D Program worked with Freedom Forum to host a national workshop to advance discourse on right to information and open government data.
March 20, 2018

Photo Blog: Nepal Celebrates Open Data Day

On March 3, data enthusiasts and advocates convened in Nepal’s historic Durbar Square to mark Open Data Day. Hundreds attended the public event in Kathmandu - check out more in our photoblog!
March 6, 2018

Celebrating open data day

To celebrate Nepal’s advancements in open data and sensitize a broad range of new audiences to its potential benefits, the D4D Program supported seven Nepali organisations to collaboratively host a large scale 2018 Open Data Day event.
March 1, 2018

Improving waste services with data in the Nepal Waste Map

To increase the availability, accessibility and use of solid waste management data and  improve service delivery in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the D4D Program supported Clean Up Nepal to develop the Nepal Waste Map.
March 1, 2018

Data Portal – Nepal Earthquake Data Portal

To demonstrate the value of open data from official surveys, improve coordination around earthquake reconstruction and enable greater use of highly detailed datasets, the D4D Program supported Kathmandu Living Labs and the National Planning Commission to open up data from the National Housing and Reconstruction Survey.
February 23, 2018

Announcing Open Data Day Nepal 2018, 3rd March, Patan Durbar Square and Museum

A full-day free, exciting, interactive event is being hosted at Patan Durbar Square and Museum on March 3, where the general public will get an opportunity to experience and learn the importance of open data in the context of Nepal’s development.
February 1, 2018

Collecting and sharing open weather data

To pilot an approach aimed at improving the accuracy, usefulness, supply and use of weather data, the D4D Program supported Rooster Logic to collect and open up hyper-local weather data.
February 1, 2018

Tool – Smart Analysis of Government Data

To support the improved analysis and use of government data that is already available in Nepal, the D4D Program supported Smart Solutions to develop a free data analysis tool embedded within the Nepal-In-Data Portal.
February 1, 2018

Improving the Sharing and Use of Air Pollution Data for Advocacy and Awareness

Outdoor air pollution has become a matter of grave concern in Nepal. Strong, coordinated and effective efforts are needed to tackle the growing problem of air pollution in Nepal, and open data has an important role to play in advocating for these efforts.