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September 30, 2020
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November 30, 2020

Video – Women in Data;  Members of Steering Committee of WID on opportunities, challenges, and ways forward for women in STEM  

“All the organizations are working towards the same mission and vision and we have come together (as member of steering committee of WID) to solve bigger issues with bigger goals” –Melisha Ghimire from Girls in Tech-Nepal 

Below, you can access interview excerpts from the members of Steering Committee of WID on opportunities, challenges, and ways forward for women in STEM:

Nikesh Balami (Co-Founder and CEO; Open Knowledge Nepal)

Melisha Ghimire (Managing Director; Girls in Tech)

Nhasala Joshi (Co-Founder; Women Leaders in Technology)

Binita Shrestha (Chairman and Managing Director; Women in STEM)

The committee works together to jointly identify existing gaps around gender inclusivity, technology and STEM field in Nepal which, according to them, has propagated a host of issues for both workers and beneficiaries in this field. As a result, the committee has selected the three thematic areas; i. Women Entrepreneurship, ii. Employability, and iii. Gender Tech to work on moving forward. 

The steering committee members of Women In Data include; 

·       Open Knowledge Nepal, which is non-profit civic tech organization working towards ensuring everyone everywhere has free and open access to information for decision-making. 

·       Women in STEAM is an organization with the aim of doubling the female participation within the five disciplines of STEAM(Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) through skill based workshops, mentorships and digital STEAM and literacy materials. 

·       Girls in Tech headquartered in San Francisco comprises of 60,000 members in 39 countries. As one of the chapter countries, Girls in Tech Nepal, was established with the objective of encouraging the involvement of Nepali diaspora in the technological transformation of Girls in Nepal.  

·       Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT) is a leadership development organization providing career-oriented, technical, professional, and leadership development training for young women to become innovators and leaders.