Virtual Launch of D4D
August 11, 2020
Video – Women in Data; Members of Steering Committee of WID on opportunities, challenges and way forward for women in STEM
October 31, 2020

Virtual design-thinking workshop completed by WID steering committee which culminated in identifying gaps around gender inclusivity, tech and STEM field in Nepal.

The Women in Data (WID) Steering Committee completed its virtual design-thinking workshop facilitated by DoLAB, an initiative under King’s College, Kathmandu in October 2020. Participating members from Women in Stem (WiSTEM), Open Knowledge Nepal (OKN), Women Leaders in Tech (WLiT), Girls in Tech Nepal (GiT) alongside D4D worked on narrowing down the criteria to work under intersecting thematic areas.  The workshop also led to the creation of a TOR for the committee. The committee jointly identified that current existing gaps around gender inclusivity, tech and the STEM field in Nepal propagated a host of issues for both workers and benefices in this field.

As a result, the committee has selected the three thematic areas of i. Women Entrepreneurship, ii. Employability, and iii. Gender Tech to work on. Based on discussion over the DoLAB’s workshop each member organization has volunteered to take lead in certain aspects of each thematic area and conducted a desk study of problems and resources available. This initial research has lead the group to believe that based on the current workings of each organization they will likely pursue projects under the umbrella of “gender and STEM” as many already have on-going and/or existing projects in the area.