Mission Oxygen
May 29, 2022
Local Government (LG) Data Fellowship
September 25, 2022

D4D endorsed Nepal’s Digital Conclave in the form of the event’s developmental partner. The event was an initiative bring relevant individuals, parties and stakeholders towards the vision of a digital Nepal.

Participating panelists ranged from ministers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians and others. Discussion topics of the two-day event were targeted towards digital transformation in Nepal that included topics such as FinTech, Digital Health, Agriculture, Education and Cyber Security. The event was be organized with the inclusion of people ranging from private and public sector IT professionals, academicians, ministers and members of higher government authorities.

D4D’s program director too participated and presented a module around data-driven decision-making advantages that it brought to accountability and efficiency around governance. Additionally, the direction also included a summary of the increasing roles Local Governments had in becoming a major data actor for the Federal Government. D4D also presented briefly on the prevenance of data silos in the country.

More can info on the conclave can be found here.