Local Government (LG) Data Fellowship
September 25, 2022
Microfinance in Nepal: What’s gone wrong and how it can be turned around.
January 13, 2023

D4D along with Karnali Integrated Rural Development & Research Center (KIRDARC) and members of the National Statistics Office (NSO) and National Planning Commission (NPC) carried out census observation of Nepal’s most recent Census 2021. This allowed D4D to explore important issues of inclusion and quality in the census and work towards an improved coordination among the three levels of the government and with other non-governmental actors in data and statistics production.

Ensuring no one is left behind in the census is paramount. This census observation carried out in 50 municipalities of 25 districts aided towards an inclusive census as well as an open and accessible publication of it.
D4D also established a call center where enumerators could call to lodge complaints and challenges faced during the process. The use of call centers during the Census 2021 was crucial in making redressal quick and responsive.
Kewal Prasad Bhandari, Secretary, National Planning Commission talks about steps the government took to ensure a better and inclusive census, how citizens can access and use the census data and explains the rationale behind Census 2021’s slogan – “My Census. My Participation”.
Dhundi Raj Lamichhane, Director of Central Bureau of Statistics Nepal highlights how the CBS coordinated with the local level of government for the Census 2021 and how citizens can take ownership of the census data.
Nebin Lal Shrestha, Director General, Central Bureau of Statistics Nepal

Hem Raj Regmi, Deputy Director General, Central Bureau of Statistics Nepal