Connecting local data ecosystems: Policy Brief
March 9, 2023
Political Economy Analysis: Use of Data in Local Planning Processes
June 8, 2023

Open Knowledge Nepal (OKN) is a member of the Data for Development (D4D) programme which is coordinated by The Asia Foundation. As a part of D4D, OKN launched the ‘Data Unit Strengthening Program’ in Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City with the aim of strengthening municipal data management. Through this programme OKN identified significant gaps in:
A. The connectivity and interoperability between the different management
information systems (MISs) in use
B. Public access to municipal data.
In response to these gaps, OKN developed a concept for an Integrated Data Management System (IDMS) to be implemented by each municipality. An IDMS is an integrated database with a publicly accessible interactive dashboard that has capabilities for semi-automated and automated data retrieval, the latter via APIs. It facilitates improved data sharing, storage and accessibility.

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