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November 30, 2020
International day for women and girls in science
February 11, 2021

Data Portal – National Innovation Digital Network; mapping innovations across the country

Data portal not only allows users to find innovation across the country in several sectors but one can also add innovation and seek support in terms of capital, human, and other required resources.

With a population of 29.40 million ( Jan 2021), within which, 20.8% reside in  urban areas where 79.2% reside in rural area, Nepal’s internet users amount 10.78 million (Jan, 2021). As we live in the Digital Age, Nepal’s environment is also adapting accordingly, with various stakeholders from government agencies to private stakeholders now looking towards data-driven information for their decision-making. There was also been a growth of data-applications based on Nepal, catering to the varying needs of Nepali population. 

National Innovation Digital Network (NIDN), currently Implemented by the Nepal Academy of Science & Technolog (NAST) is an initiative to identify, map, and disseminate information regarding innovators and their innovation in Nepal. Initially created to map COVID-19 response innovations, the portal currently showcases 42 innovations by 34 innovators across different sectors such as agriculture, education, health, economy, transportation etc. For innovators, one can share their works along with details such as the nature of innovations, current status in terms of implementation, types of support required to scale and contact details.   

Link to NIDN can be found here.