July 31, 2021

Evidence based decision making in Nepal: Making strides. But still a long way to go.

Evidence based decision making in Nepal: Making strides. But still a long way to go. The 2017 local elections held in Nepal were particularly notable for two reasons. First, the local elections were being held […]
April 2, 2021

Keeping Girls in STEAM to Become Women in Data

While gender disparity in STEAM field is a global issue, social and cultural structures in Nepal add another layer of challenge while confronting this issue. More on what was discussed on this year's Women in Data Conference and real recommendations to encourage girls and women to get involved in data and STEAM.
March 23, 2021

Towards federal statistics: Meeting the data needs of Nepal’s new constitution

DI, in partnership with The Asia Foundation, recently completed a data landscaping study in Nepal. This blog summarises some of those findings.
March 23, 2021

How can Nepal’s data community drive the data revolution?

Lessons and approaches for how Nepal’s government, private sector and civil society answer data need caused by inequality, federalisation and Covid-19
March 9, 2021

Call for Participation – Women in Data Virtual Conference 2021

Join us for the 2nd Women in Data Conference organized by the D4D program in partnership with Girls in Tech, Women Leaders in Technology, Women in STEAM & Open Knowledge Nepal , with the theme "Leveraging the Power of Women, Data and Technology"
May 27, 2019

Call for Application: Training on Quantitative and Qualitative Research Skills

Call for Applications: On behalf of the Data for Development Program implemented by The Asia Foundation in partnership with Development Initiatives, we would like to invite you to an interactive training on Quantitative and Qualitative Research Skills.
March 11, 2019

Call for Application: Designing for Open Data Impact (Closed)

The D4D Program is pleased to announce the upcoming “Designing for Open Data Impact” course, which will take place in Kathmandu over three days from Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th April
February 25, 2019

Nepal’s Open Data Day 2019

Saturday 2nd March 2019 is International Open Data Day. This day is celebrated by groups all over the world, bringing people together in local events to discuss, work with and champion open data, and this year will see the largest number of celebrations so far in Nepal
January 22, 2019

Call for Application: Small Grants for Open Data Day (Closed)

Call for Application: Small Grants for Open Data Day (Closed) Would your organisation like to mark Open Data Day 2019 with an event or activity? Then apply for a small grant from the Data for […]