Data for Development (D4D) in Nepal Program

The D4D phase II aims to strengthen data and information ecosystems at the provincial and local spheres. Implemented by The Asia Foundation in partnership with Development Initiatives with funding from UK aid, the D4D phase II program support government and non-government stakeholders who have the knowledge and capabilities to demand, produce and use data for evidence-based decision-making that addresses local development challenges. Through this the D4D phase II program works to strengthen functional, inclusive, and locally led data ecosystem in Nepal. This video provides a short introduction to the D4D program, its purpose and impact.

Program Objectives

  • Improve coordination among federal, provincial, and local government and non-government actors in data and statistics production.

  • Provincial, local, and non-government actors increase use of evidence-based, participatory decision-making processes.

  • Increase availability of better data and analysis at the provincial and local spheres to support evidence-based decision making.

Program Partners

Program Products

March 23, 2021

Nepal’s data landscape

Diagnostic of the current state of national data infrastructures across Nepal and recommendations for the further development of the country's national statistical system under federalism
March 23, 2021

Report – Nepal’s Evolving Data Community

The report highlights the recent progress achieved by Nepal’s data community and important lessons and approaches that can guide the community’s future progress
March 8, 2021

Data Portal – Building Information and Platform Against Disaster (BIPAD); disaster risk management

Homegrown initiative to map disaster-related information and events in order to ensure coordinated and consolidated efforts towards disaster response and reduction.